About GoodGoods

Living with art brings pleasure. That is why finding a source for beautifully designed handmade products is so important. Good Goods represents hundreds of North American artists who work each day to bring handcrafted art into the world.

Owner Sandra Randolph began Good Goods in 1989 as a small one-room shop in an historic Italianate building once used as a rooming house.  Today, after years of work and restoration, Good Goods occupies the entire building plus a lovely garden area.

Randolph states, “I was fortunate to have had connections with influential designers like Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, and Robert Probst as well as the exposure to the historic store Design Research.  When I opened Good Goods I had a strong vision of what I wanted it to be. Handmade products have the love, care, and skill of the artist within them.  Our name Good Goods reflects a thought of Charles Eames:  that there are some goods that have a special quality – a quality that you feel when you touch them, see them, live with them.  You may pay a little more to begin with but you can spend a lifetime with them.

Working at Good Goods is a delightful experience – a task made easy with a great staff, a charming resort town, wonderful customers and really GOOD Goods.  It is a joy to be surrounded everyday by beautiful objects that have such a lasting design quality.  So whether you come, call, or click your way to Good Goods, we hope you’ll enjoy your experience here – discovering a beautiful work of art, viewing a whimsical object, or finding that perfect gift.  As Charles Eames once said,  “Take your pleasures seriously.”

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